Stoning Giants

Larry Sawyer – Vocals & Guitar
Jedediah Jester – Bass Guitar
CJ Ries – Lead Guitar
Damon Sawyer – Drums

Stoning Giants’ distinctive rock sound boasts flavors of metal, punk, soul and funk featuring the powerhouse voice of Lawrence Sawyer, high-energy guitar of C.J. Ries, progressive groove beats of Damon Sawyer and the bad-to-the-bone bass stylings of Jedediah Jester.

Stoning Giants was formed in 2013 and quickly began performing private parties, clubs and festivals, such as Seattle’s 2013 Hemp Fest. Stoning Giants’ break-out CD “Clear as Mud,” was released in 2014 and received airtime on KINK and 94.7 FM radio in Portland Ore.

In 2019 the single “Sifting Ashes,” a haunting tale of the 2018 Paradise Camp Fire, was released, receiving thousands of YouTube views.

The recording studio is alive with the sounds of numerous new releases currently in the works with plans for a new album in 2024. Check out the latest updates on Facebook, Tehama Music and Art, Instagram and Tik-Tok.