Stoning Giants

Larry Sawyer – Vocals & Acoustic Guitar
Jedediah Jester – Bass Guitar
CJ Ries – Lead Guitar
Jonathan Nadal – Drums

Stoning Giants boasts flavors of rock, blues, punk and funk, featuring the powerhouse voice of Larry Sawyer, high-energy guitar of C.J. Ries, Jonathan Nadal rocking the skins, and the bass stylings of Jedediah Jester.  Stoning Giants was formed in 2013 and quickly began performing private parties, clubs and festivals, such as Hemp Fest.  Stoning Giants’ CD “Clear as Mud,” was released in 2014 and received airtime on KINK radio in Portland and now the band has its latest 2017 release, “I Have a Dream.”

Sawyer is a mainstay rocker from Portland, formerly heading bands Diamond Edge, Core, Hundred Horse, Braid and Untyd. Jester, of Grants Pass, also played for several metal bands including Untyd and Deflower.  Nadal is known primarily for playing in progressive rock bands in Florida such as The Morning Flesh Project, among others.  Ries, a home-grown Portlandian-shredder, is a young prodigy who channels every ‘70s rock song known to man.